I've been working on revamping my shop into an actual on-line store rather than a "blog shop". My dream has always been to have my own boutique but ain't nobody got the resources and time for that. So on-line right now is as best it's gonna get.
For the time being, I'm selling my personal used items. Let's call them vintage to be fancy :) Keep in mind that I would never sell damaged or unwearable merchandise therefore you can consider them as practically new.
I'm hoping to eventually expand into new and vintage pieces that I find out on the market but let's see how this goes first.
Every time an item sells, I will update my shop with a new one.
I'm open to any feedback you guys might have.
Enter shop here (link is also at top of my blog) and enjoy!

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One Response to “redesigned”

Anonymous said...

congrats for new start :)

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