Friday Fashion Feature - Oversized Coats


From big, to bigger, to "is there actually a person in there?", the oversized coats are dominating every fashionista's outerwear wardrobe this Spring.
The most popular look is the shin grazing, boxy fit coat worn hanging off the shoulders. Any colour goes but neutrals are obviously the easiest to sport especially if you're already intimidated by wearing something that looks like you've stolen out of your grandfather's closet.


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4 Responses to “Friday Fashion Feature - Oversized Coats”

Natalie Ast said...

amazing round up... i'm loving this style for spring. I just ordered one in mint and I can't wait to wear it! xo, natalie

Eden Simpson said...

Love everything about these coats!

ediot said...

brilliant post
so many stunning girls and great looks
adore this so much

Carolina Krews said...

Great looks ;)



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