Little Boogaweezin


My kids and I had the honor to collaborate with Little Boogaweezin, a super hip lifestyle brand for mom, child and baby.
Check out my interview and further pictures here.



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8 Responses to “Little Boogaweezin”

Jen said...

Loved collaborating with you, Lena! xx

Jill Lansky said...

You're a mom?! What a babe! Love your style, girl!

Rupa said...


Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

Lena Antonacci said...

@Jill Lansky: Yes I am :) Thank you so much!! kisses my dear

Lena xoxo

Camille Thomas said...

I really like the look! The kiddies are so cute!

Plum Pretty Sugar said...

These photos are just lovely! To adore!


Kristina Asamoah said...

Omg the cutest !! The little one's tiny converses just killed me!


sandra said...

"dear big me, i can't wait to see who i become one day. -the little me"

"Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant"

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