Friday Fashion Feature - Double Denim


"The Canadian Tuxedo" as we all call it or better known as denim on denim has been a popular trend this past Spring and is still going strong into Fall. Some people disagree and find it a major fashion faux pas however the fashionistas below can prove you wrong.

Styling tips:

  1. Try wearing different tones to avoid the same colour uniform look. Dark jeans with a lighter shade denim shirt for example or white jeans with a dark denim shirt.
  2. Add some jewelry to your look or a cool accessory (belt, bag, hat, etc.) to break up the heaviness of the full on denim look.
  3. Try to show off a little skin by rolling up your sleeves, cuffing up your jeans, wearing a skirt, buttoning down your shirt (while still keeping it decent of course), wearing shoes that show off your feet. Avoid wearing cowboy boots unless you're attending a Texan line dance.
Just have fun like these lovely ladies below!

From left to right: Haus of Sarah RachelBam It's JoanneTLNIQUE

From left to right: A Portable PackageStandard TThe Sense

From left to right: VenkavisionWhat2WearZuzka



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2 Responses to “Friday Fashion Feature - Double Denim”

Anonymous said...

I'm loving double denim so much at the moment! These are all really gorgeous looks, and I'm definitely planning on looking at some of these blogs xo

M.S.M said...

I love denim on denim! I´ll keep wearing it this fall :)

NOT BLUE, YES SHOPPING DAY MOOD, blue wedges + ripped shorts + surfer blouse. Check it out on:

xo, from Spain

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