Friday Fashion Feature - Converse


One of the most versatile of all footwear, the most recognizable of all footwear, the most iconic shoe which has been around for over 100 years...THE CONVERSE!! They fit into every lifestyle and have donned the feet of many far and wide. They come in a variety of heights, colours, heel heights, prints, etc. However my love for the classic white rubber sole and toe guard will never be empowered.
I currently own 3 pairs and am about to buy another. 
You can never have too many Chucks!
From left to right: Rebel AttitudeblondhairpinkheartChic times

From left to right: Promise it's the last...SAYQUEENNative Fox


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2 Responses to “Friday Fashion Feature - Converse”

Sheree said...

The best of this feature is that I always find amazing new blogs! Connected to Fashion is amazing!
Sheree xxx

Anonymous said...

I LOVE converse, they are literally the most versatile shoes! Gorgeous photos xo

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