tried and true mealtime recipes for toddlers


My toddler eats everything...said no parent ever!
Being a picky eater is part of what it means to being a toddler. As a mom we have all been there, hiding the healthy non toddler delicious foods in between a heaping spoonful of mac and cheese, hoping they won't notice. Well no more hiding...sorta!
Here are a few tried and true recipes that I have made for my kids. They saw it, they loved it, they cleaned their plates.
A quick rule of thumb however, a young child's stomach is the size of their fist. So start with those portions and go for seconds when or if asked. And with these recipes, they will be asking for more.
Top these off with shredded cheese and peas for sprinkles :)

Serve with Ranch dip or everyone's favorite, Ketchup. These were moist and super delicious. And baked instead of fried :)

Super healthy, super fun to eat. You can even cut them with fun cookie cutter shapes.

I didn't think they'd enjoy eating this dish but to my surprise...I was wrong :)

Like a calzone :) I added some black olives in mine and the kids loved it.

Do you have any recipes to share?

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Carolina Krews said...

This looks tasty ;)



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