Amelia's 1st Birthday


My baby girl is 1 :)
It has been 365 days since you were brought into this world and what a beautiful year it has been. You have brought such joy into our home in just a mere 12 months. Your smile alone lights up any room. I know this sounds cliché but we couldn't have asked for a better daughter and sister to Liam.
Cheers to you on your big day!! May the year ahead be filled with lots of love, health, learning, exploration, and fun.
It is your birthday but I have been given the gift. It's my honor and great pleasure to be your mommy. I love you!!!

Tutu and onesie were DIY'd be me :) Onesie was easy. I found the image online, and just iron-on transferred it to the onesie using Print n' Press Iron-On Transfer Sheets. As for the tutu, I followed this easy tutorial. Headband was purchased at Winners.

My sister with my adorable nephew!!

Wasn't the cake to die for??!! It tasted as good as it looked. Cakeballs, cookies, and cake were made by Petit Cake Shop. She took on the challenge and did not disappoint. Based in Montreal, contact Stephanie for all your sweet party needs.

Liam just couldn't take his eyes off of the sweet table. You should've seen how fast he ate his lunch just so he can tear up some

The princess's smash cupcake :)

Mommy, daddy, and big bro Liam love you so very much!! 


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9 Responses to “Amelia's 1st Birthday”

Melissa Ricci said...

I love all of these pictures!! It looks like a such a great day for such a beautiful girl.

Gosh I wish we lived closer! Happy Birthday Amelia!!

X Melissa

Katerina said...!!! How CUTE is she!!! Love her birthday outfit!!

Happy 1st birthday, Amelia!! :)


Sheree said...

OMG...these are so adorable..I can't stand it!!!!!!!!!!!! so impressed with your DIY's too..Happy Birthday..she is a doll!!!!!!

libys11 said...

she's so precious!!! perfect outfit with that tutu!! :D happy 1st bday to her!! :D

Animated Confessions!


Congrats! She is sooo cute!
xx, Pá.

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That baby is looking so cute.when I seeing that baby face,suddenly i remembered the English movie,
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Andrea said...

What a beautiful party! The kids are all so sweet, i cant wait to do all of this once i start popping them out.
Amelia's outfit is so sweet. Tutus and headbands will drench the kids i have, if any of them are girls.

Happy Birthday!

Camille Marie said...

omg what a gorgeous baby girl! god bless her! too many more to come :)

Olivia H said...

such a beautiful little girl and mommy!! it's so nice to see a woman who hasn't given up just because she became a mother!

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