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I'm sure many of you have heard the news that Google Reader is shutting down on July 1st. Not sure what will happen to Google Friend Connect though.
I was never a huge fan of it anyway and followed my favourite blogs with Bloglovin'. Why Bloglovin'?
1. The top menu bar shows you the most popular posts and top blogs which you can categorize for your specific needs (e.g. art, beauty, fashion, etc.) and also choose by which country you're interested in viewing.

2. An easy view of posts from the blogs you are following which you can individually mark as read or unread and like. Click on the title to view full detailed post on actual blog.

3.  A list of all the blogs you follow which you can hide, only show unread posts, and also view your liked posts.

I have been using Bloglovin' for quite some time now and have not been disappointed. It's easy to use and am able to follow any blog I want. 

Click here to import your favourite blogs from Google Reader to Bloglovin'.


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