summer outfit under $100


You have a mortgage. Rent is due. You need groceries. Can't live without utilities. Car payment. Gas (and we all know that's not cheap)! Bills! BILLS!! And as our parents used to say, and yes now I say it too..."Money does not grow on trees". Actually it does, it's paper. *cue crickets chirping*
I run a fashion blog however my priorities are my family and my home and last comes clothing. Which is why spending the budget I have set for the month on 1 piece absolutely doesn't make any sense to me. I need to stretch my dollar to the flat out maximum. 
With that being said, here's an ideal summer outfit for under $100!
Rompers are always big during summertime. They're easy to wear and super comfy. A denim vest is good all year round. A cool layering piece. A must-have in your closet. Flat sandals with a metallic touch that gives them that extra oomph. And a bright red bag, with trendy stripes none the less, to give your outfit a nice pop.
crochet romper: Forever 21
denim vest: Target
bag: Ardene (2/$20, so you can get yourself another bag and save $8.50)
sandals: Ardene (BOGO, buy one pair of sandals and get the other at 50% off)


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