Friday Fashion Feature - White


White on white on white on... You know where I'm going with this. Nothing screams Summer 2013 like an all white outfit. It's clean, it's simple, and perfect to wear on scorching hot summer days. Unless however you're a mom of young children. Three words...Tide To Go!! Keep it handy.
How to wear this trend without looking like an ice cream vendor? Just add a splash of anything other than white. Funky shade of shoes, a bright coloured bag, metallic touches, etc. If you're wearing head to toe white, you can play around with textures. For instance, wearing a white cotton tee with a white crochet skirt.
Here are street style examples of how to wear this all white trend.

From left to right: Fashion Landscapestylebonbonzukkermaedchen


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4 Responses to “Friday Fashion Feature - White”

Neshel G said...

My favorite Friday Feature so far. I'm in love with all white outfits. If only I can find me the perfect pair of white trousers or jeans that aren't ill fitted, see through and poor quality but fairly priced. Sigh.

Wardrobe on Wheels

Leah said...

Loving an all white outfit for summer.

Lena Antonacci said...

@Neshel G: I know exactly what you mean. It took my years before I found the perfect pair of white jeans.
Have you tried Levis?

Lena xoxo

Anthea Lau said...

such cool blogger and all white styles! they look really amazing there! <3

check out my new blog post featuring neon pink and stripes!

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