Friday Fashion Feature - Baseball Caps


Friday Fashion Feature on a Monday :( Sorry for lateness. I've been recovering from my Lasik surgery that I had on Friday which went superbly well. I still find it surreal that I do not have to wear glasses or contacts anymore. It feels great!
Anyway, onto the post.

Last week's Friday Fashion Feature was Baseball Caps. No longer meant to wear for sporting purposes, the baseball cap is a huge trend in women's fashion this season. It's a trend that's pretty easy to wear, just put it on and you're done. Want a sporty look, go scrimmaging in your mans closet. You are for sure going to find one in there somewhere. However many stores carry inexpensive caps in all sorts of fabrics, prints, trims, etc. Can be worn with dresses, jeans, heels, sneakers, pretty much anything. Why this is one of my favourite trends? Because it can so stylishly conceal a bad hair day :)

From left to right: bambis armoireGood, Bad, and FabKarenP

From left to right: SAY HELLO, MAXStyles by AssitanTake Aim

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