top 5 of the week


Seriously in love with her jeans and could you believe they were a DIY?? Check them out on her blog.

 Jumper, florals, nude single strap heels...just screams SPRING!!!

 I need a crisp stripe shirt in my closet and this colour combo is great for Spring.

 A perfect black and white outfit but those mesh booties...AAAHHH, I want them bad!

 Um yeah, I'm speechless! I want everything from her hair all the way down to her shoes, with a side of legs please.


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4 Responses to “top 5 of the week”

Kelly R said...

So many good looks. Thanks for the start-of-the-week inspiration!

Katerina said...

Great picks!! I totally agree with those mesh booties, AWESOME!!

Neshel G said...

Amazing compilation! I love all these looks, particularly the first and third images. Love!

Wardrobe on Wheels

Shami said...

I love this style, it's very beautiful !

I know a great website
It's a Belgium brand of jewelry and accessories !


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