blown away


"A great artist can paint a great picture on a small canvas." ~ Charles Dudley Warner
You know those people that no matter what challenge they are given, they succeed at it...and well? Introducing to you my boss's wife, Jacinthe Rivard. I've heard about her making a backyard patio deck (I mean, I can barely follow Ikea instructions), I've seen beautiful photographs she's taken, and now she's completely awed me with this painting of Liam from a picture which was taken this past Fall.
She is truly amazing! Anyone who has seen this painting was completely floored with her talent. Here are a few others that she has done that I'm in love with.

Thank you so much Jacinthe for this amazing gift!

Check out more of her work by clicking on links below.


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5 Responses to “blown away”

Melissa Ricci said...


I love them!

Jassy said...

Wow! Thank you! It was my pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Jassy's Paintings are splendid indeed. I did an interview with her about her art on my Blog not too long ago if you would like to see.

Sheree said...

omg..I LOVE that painting! May definitely have to look into this!!!!!!
Sheree xxx

Blogger said...

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