Friday Fashion Feature - Overalls


Dungarees, Overalls, Salopettes, Hogwashers, Bib-Alls, Tennessee Tuxedos, etc. These are the current rage! Traditionally considered a garment for men, they have become a fashion staple for some women. So many options as to what to wear with them. Blouses, tanks, crop tops, tees, and the list just goes on. Wear them with heels to give a chicness to them or wear them with funky sneakers for a casual everyday look. 


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2 Responses to “Friday Fashion Feature - Overalls”

Neshel G said...

I absolutely love this feature on your blog and how it celebrates individual, personal style. All these women look absolutely gorgeous!

Wardrobe on Wheels

Sabfashionlab Sab said...

Cool post

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