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Scrolling through Pinterest one day, I came across a photo of a girl's acne filled cheek which had the caption "Very interesting...this is exactly what my dermatologist has been telling me!" I was intrigued. It's basically about a women who clears her acne with what's called "The Oil Cleansing Method".
Washing my face with oil never, Ever, EVER crossed my mind however my curiosity got the best of me. I don't have acne but I decided to give it a go. It's been 3 nights now and let me tell you, I will no longer go back to my old routine of chemical face washes, toners and moisturizers. My skin has never looked so good. It's dewy, radiant, incredibly soft, and my blackheads have completely minimized. It's also a great make-up remover. Another big perk...IT'S CHEAP!!!


The reasons we have so much trouble with mainstream skin care products are numerous, but two reasons, in particular, lead the pack. These products strip the oil out of our skin, leaving our largest organ trying to repair itself by replacing the oil stripped away. This leaves us in a cycle of being tight and dry followed by the inevitable oil slick. Each time we strip the oil away, our skin over-compensates for the lack of moisture by creating more oil. On top of the drying effects, these products are highly-scented. Fragrance is one of the top skin irritants and strangely enough, even the so-called "unscented" products usually contain fragrance. See for yourself and check the labels. Dry, irritated skin replaced by oily skin, inflamed and trapping debris?

Getting right down to basics, when cleansing and moisturizing your skin, it is imperative that you keep in mind that oil dissolves oil. Your skin naturally lubricates itself with oil, and as we are creatures of adaptation, one can believe that if this weren't the appropriate built-in care for ourselves, our bodies would have adapted to suit the need.


1. Oil dissolves oil.
2. Naturally keeps your skin supple and moisturized.
3. Easily removes make-up.
4. Cheaper than buying facial products.
5. It's a cleanser, make-up remover, and moisturizer all in one.
6. Helps even out skin tone.
7. 100% natural!


For normal skin, use a 1:1 ratio of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Castor Oil. (this is what I've bee using)
For oily skin or acne-prone, use a 1:3 ratio of  EVOO and Castor Oil.
For dry skin, 3:1 ratio of EVOO and Castor Oil.


1. Turn on your water to get it as hot as you can handle without scalding yourself.
2. Massage not scrub a quarter sized amount of the mixture onto your face for about a minute.
3. Take a clean washcloth and wet under the water. Place the washcloth on your face until it's room temperature, about a minute. (The hot washcloth, the hotter the better, causes a steaming effect which helps to remove the dirt from your pores.)
4. Rinse the washcloth and use it to wipe the oil from your face.
5. Enjoy your fresh, moisturized, cleansed face!

I've been doing this every night and have not needed to put on any moisturizer afterwards. In the morning, I simply wash my face with water and put on an SPF face cream underneath my make-up.

Hope you guys give it a try and I'd love to hear feedback!

The Oil Cleansing Method
The Healthy Diaries


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8 Responses to “the oil cleansing method”

Sarah said...

I must try this! Thanks Lena xx

Sheree said...

awesome I am definitely trying today! I use coconut oil as a moisturizer so I am definitely into the oils and believe in them..can't wait to see the outcome! I have combo skin..I don't get a lot of pimples but I get clogged pores easily..blackheads and crap like that wondering if I should use the mixture for normal or acne prone?
Sheree xx

Victoria MUA said...

I do the exact same thing...oil cleanse at night and wash with water in the morning! I wish more women would know about these natural methods.

I also use coconut oil instead of SPF. If you do some googling, you will find that coconut oil is a natural SPF, transforms sun rays into natural vitamin D for your skin :) Xo

Lena Antonacci said...

@Victoria MUA: That's really good to know. Thank you so much for the tip and I will go buy some coconut oil ASAP :)

Lena xoxo

Lena Antonacci said...

@Sheree: I would probably try both the mixture for oily skin and normal skin and see what works best.
Let me know how it turns out.

Lena xoxo

Lena Antonacci said...

@Sheree: I would probably try both the mixture for oily skin and normal skin and see what works best.
Let me know how it turns out.

Lena xoxo

Lena Antonacci said...

@Sarah: You're very welcome :)

Lena xoxo

laura wears said...

Wow...interesting...definitely something to try...

Laura @ Laura Wears

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