something for the kids


This post is for you mommy's out there. And daddy's in case I have male followers which I doubt, but ya never know!
I stumbled across a website called Little Vida, which is dedicated to baby's and tots designer clothing. It's very difficult to find clothing for my kids that doesn't involve a huge dinosaur print on it or tons of ruffles and frills. Andrew and I love to dress Amelia and Liam like our mini me's. Well this site is every trendy parent's dream. Tons of beautiful fashion pieces.
"We want to make sure that no matter when we look at them, or where they are, they represent who we are and what they mean to us; because there is really no one else." 

These are my two munchkins. I know I'm being biased but aren't they the cutest :) They are already BFF'

Here is an outfit I created for Liam with pieces from Little Vida.

And let's not forget Amelia.


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3 Responses to “something for the kids”

Marie a la Mode said...

So cute!

Trina said...

Baby shoes!! They get me every time.

Yicell V. said...

how cute are those cheeks!

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