Friday Fashion Feature


Every Monday I will ask my readers to send me in their outfit pics containing a specific trend. I will feature these pictures on the Friday in my new "Friday Fashion Feature" post. You will all be linked back to your blog. This will show fellow readers different ways on how to wear the trend and it also exposes different bloggers out there. It's a win win situation!!
So, without further ado, here's the first edition of my new blog feature called "Friday Fashion Feature"!

This print has been prominent in today's street style. There is currently camouflage print on everything from accessories to clothing so even if you're not the daring type to wear it boldly, you can always wear it through a clutch or maybe even a scarf. You can pair down your print by wearing it with sneakers or boots and a simple tee for a more casual look or even glam it up a bit with a dress and heels. Anything goes! Just have fun with it!!

From left to right: Shana from Ain't No Mom Jeans , Sharon from elisharon

From left to right: Sheree from It's not that deep...., Sharon from elisharon, Sarah from Haus of Sarah Rachel



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6 Responses to “Friday Fashion Feature”

Sharon Lei said...

Aww yay. Thanks for including me on this, Lena!! :))

xx Love & Aloha

Sheree said...


Designer Jackets said...

This look is seriously stylish, Wow!!!

Sheree said...

I posted the feature on my FB hopefully you will get more photos....

Crystal C said...

omgg this is such a great idea!

Melissa Ricci said...

I love every outfit! I am now convinced that I need to give camo a try!

Such a fun idea, Lena!

xoxo Melissa

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