Welcome to Rubbs, an accessory brand focusing on the creation of uni-gender rubber goods for adults and children. 
Changing the game in rubberized accessories, Rubbs’ form-fitting, flexible and fashionable goods are ideal for individuals of all walks of life. 
Fashionable, functional uni-gender lifestyle brand adds flexible flair to any ensemble.

Rubbs bracelets feature a classic chain-link design exaggerated through the use of a dense silicone.  Available in an array of cool and warm neutrals to punchy vibrant shade, Rubbs features a signature gold-plated charm. Created with comfort and style in mind, Rubbs’ philosophy states: comfort forever. At the affordable price of $18 to $20, Rubbs is the ultimate impulse purchase that makes people smile!

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Tess said...

I wish you would do more blogging and less advertising..

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