Happy Birthday!!


Liam turned two yesterday, can you believe it!
It's been 2 years of diapers, 2 years of laughter, 2 years of learning, 2 years full of giggles, 2 years of kisses, 2 years of fun, and 2 years of unconditional love! You have brought 2 years of greatness and excitement into our lives :) We love you more and more everyday. You rock our world!

Anyone in the Montreal and Laval area looking for a fun place to take your children, see below. Learning + fun!

Musee pour enfants de Laval


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2 Responses to “Happy Birthday!!”

www.glamour-blog.com said...

He's so cute! Happy Birthday to him :)

Anonymous said...

He is soooo cute, I love his little clothes... Happy Birthday Liam! :D
And you two seem to be great parents, keep it up. :)

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