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Andrew and I hosted a Children CPR & First Aid Course at our house yesterday. It was something that we've always wanted to learn and the fact that we now have 2 kids, gave us that kick in the butt to finally follow through with it. Yes we watch our kids at all times, yes we do our best to prevent accidents, however there's always a what if and we wanted to know how we can help in those what if cases. Because people, it takes only a mere second for your kid to fall in a pool, choke on an object, etc.
So we hosted a party of 8 people where the instructor came to our house and spoke to us on how to recognize, prevent, and treat injuries. Injuries such as choking, losing consciousness, burns, bleeding, head injuries, neck injuries, poisoning, allergies, etc. He came with his dolls in which we were able to practice CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, etc.

There were so many things that I did not know and glad I learned.
I strongly recommend that everyone take a course like this because you honestly never know. It does not hurt to have this knowledge.

For my readers living in Montreal and surrounding areas, here is the contact info:

Protect Enfant Inc.
6900 Decarie, Suite 208
Montreal, QC

If you check out their website, you'll see that they also provide a service where they come to your house to conduct a room-by-room assessment of child hazards. And they are able to childproof your home.

Be smart and learn how to save a life!


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6 Responses to “CPR & First Aid”

Briseidy said...

very nice! so important

Natalia said...

I'm wondering.. if you're from Quebec, you should speak french Lena? Or am i wrong?

Lena Antonacci said...

@ Natalia: I do speak French. We are obliged to know French here in Quebec. However my preference is speaking English.

Lena xoxo

Natalia said...

Thank you for your response Lena.
I’m asking because i am a linguist and i wonder how do you teach your children french in Qu├ębec (if you do). Usually the bilingual parents apply the method “one parent, one language”, but this applies to parents from different countries and i wonder how it looks like when one country uses two languages.

Lena Antonacci said...

@Natalia: Regarding languages, we consider ourselves pretty lucky. My husband and I speak English to our kids. Their daycare speaks to them in French. My parents speak to them in Italian. And my in-laws speak to them in Portuguese.
Our son who is 22 months old, speaks 4 languages (broken of course as he's till young).

Lena xoxo

Natalia said...

Wow that's so great! He will be a polyglot! Lucky little guy :)

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