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Yesterday was my birthday in which I celebrated the big 3-5...EESH!! I actually embraced it with open arms. Not the slightest bit depressed that I'm getting older. Why? Because I'm exactly where I'd like to be. Married to the greatest man that ever lived, 2 beautiful healthy children, a great career, a lovely cozy home, and I'm sane and doing well. I couldn't have wished for better :)
Here are a few instagram pics from my birthday weekend that Andrew made incredibly special and memorable.
Love you baby!

Liam enjoying eating ice-cream with his hands at Table 51.

My favourite cookies of all time, Chanel inspired, by L&V Sweets.

Burrata, a fresh Italian cheese made with Mozzarella and cream, at one of my favourite restaurants in Montreal Da Emma.

Tickets to watch The Nutcracker ballet presented by Les Grands Ballets.

I arrived home Friday night to a huge SURPRISE by my family which Andrew orchestrated. And to top it all off, this wonderful sweet table filled with juicy desserts. I have an enormous sweet tooth...Andrew nailed it!

Hot air balloons getting ready to soar at the Festival des Montgolfieres.

Liam acting too cool to kiss his

The funniest hot air balloon I saw that day. It was GIGANTIC!

Liam enjoying his fist experience on an inflatable balloon. I need to buy one.

And we topped off my birthday last night with supper and cake at Jarden Tiki


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2 Responses to “birthday weekend instagrammed”

Nancy @ dream it ... build it! said...

HAPPY B-DAY! I wish you nothing but the very best.


KRISTY said...

happy belated birthday, Lena! Glad to hear you had so much fun celebrating the big 3-5! You seriously look much younger than that :) Wishing you and your family a life time of happiness! :D

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