I thought you guys might be interested in this innovative new product. StreetLace is a revolutionary technology that provides a stylish and comfortable alternative to the common shoelace.
StreetLace empowers consumers of all ages to transform their everyday shoes with new cutting-edge laces! They have interchangeable colors and patterns, creating endless possibilities for every shoe with these new lockable laces.
The founder of SteetLace, Steven Robinson was walking around SoHo in Manhattan with his laces knotted inside his shoes, rubbing against the top of his foot. He thought there had to be a better way! Later that evening as he kicked off his Air Jordan's, he had the flash-bulb idea to create elastic lockable laces.
Steven's vision finally led to his creation of StreetLace today. Currently, StreetLace is available in 12 eye-catching colors including a mix of primary, neon and limited editions. You can purchase StreetLace at for only $14.99.

Here is a pic of me in colored laces. A great way to funk up any pair of shoes/outfit. Just wish I knew about StreetLace then to have avoided the bulky hanging loops.

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