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Of all the accessories and costume requirements available to women, shoes are probably the most varied and function-specific. When you put on a pair of shoes, boots or sandals, you want to be comfortable above all else. And aside from the odd occasion where looking absolutely fabulous completely overrides this basic need, the desire for snug feet that look good at the same time is high on any woman's list of priorities.

Choosing the right footwear is obviously a sensible thing to do, but it can be a time-consuming process. The choices available today are quite simply staggering - when confronted with a full list, the mind boggles.


So you want a pair of trainers, do you? OK, what sport are you going to be doing? This type of question is important because makers of sports shoes design their products with specific activities in mind. So if you want to settle your feet in optimum comfort, a simple jog around the park would require a different training shoe to a game of basketball. Varying levels of grip, cushioning and support in different training shoes offer your feet the right environment for any given activity.

But this level of choice doesn't concern sports shoes. All shoes - from fashionable wedges to casual pumps to leather brogues and stylish dressy slingbacks - come in as many varieties as you can shake a shoehorn at. Heels, straps, buckles, designs, ribbons, laces, colours and materials - the combinations that can be made from these elements run into the thousands.

It's good to be comfortable

You've got an important occasion looming and you want everything to be as right as possible. Perhaps it's a date, or maybe it's a holiday somewhere in the sun. You've mulled over your costume or outfit and are happy with your selection and now you've turned your attention to your feet. What will they look great in but also be comfortable in?

You want something new, something you don't already have and so you browse through the range of Clarks women's shoes. Clarks always have something for you: shoes that not only look great but also are well made, shoes of high quality that are affordable too.

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