no maternity clothing for me


A reader of mine asked me how I still manage to wear my regular sized jeans throughout my pregnancy. I thought it would be fun to show you all my secret.


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5 Responses to “no maternity clothing for me”

Sheree said...

I did this too! Never bought maternity..good tip to share!

s smallcomb said...

That trick saved me! I didn't have to buy maternity either, but I did go up a clothing size and just used that method. And dresses. Lived in them! said...

I do that for my workoutfit, and I'm not pregnant, but each time that I washed them they get smaller and smaller :D! I learned it from my mom :p

Kris said...

This totally saved me during my pregnancy! I did not buy one stitch of maternity clothing and i was still able to be comfortable!
Btw your baby belly is adorable! hihi :P
xox Kris

ola said...

very cute video! and great idea - i'll keep it in mind when it's my turn to have babies. :)


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