Liam update


I think it's been since his 1st birthday that I last posted photos of Liam. Our little man is now 15 months old and growing up so fast at a healthy 30lbs. He sure loves to complaints from me :) He is walking but still a little wobbly. He talks up a storm just like his daddy but in his own language of course. He's just the cutest little thing around and we love him like crazy!
Here are some pics we took of him yesterday.
Hope everyone had a great Easter / Passover!

Liam is wearing:

jeans: H&M
belt: Zara
t-shirt: H&M
shirt: Fred Perry
shoes: Toms


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3 Responses to “Liam update” said...

He's gorgeous!

Closet Fashionista said...

He is soooo adorable! Getting so big! :)

Marie a la Mode said...

He is just so cute! My nephew was over 30 lbs. at Liam's age, too! Healthy eaters ; )

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