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I finally bought myself an iphone and joined the land of the technological advanced :)The first app that I downloaded...Instragram! Gotta tell you, not a big fan. Maybe I'm not using it correctly but I don't see what all the hype is about. It doesn't zoom in and it's frozen on me a few times. To all you iphoners, any apps you love that you'd recommend?
Here are some shots of my week last week, taken with my iphone.

Sewing the ribbons and elastics on my first pointe shoes.

I surprised Andrew with a pizza dinner for Valentines day. This is my pizza...

and this is Andrew's heart shaped pizza. He's allergic to cheese the poor thing hence the pepperoni 'I Love You' on my pizza. It would be difficult to read on his.

Andrew surprised me with tickets to watch the Montreal Canadiens play the Boston Bruins. I was born and raised in Montreal but I'm a Bruins fan...have been for over 15 years. The Bruins won that night and I was happy. Andrew not so much. He's a die hard Canadiens fan.

My sister who's taking cake making classes, baked this cake for our dad's big 6-0 birthday. It was delicious despite the fact that the icing made my lips turn black making me look like a gothic princess.

The night after my first pointe class. I'm not completely on my box and my arches are not pretty but's the first time in my life that I put on a pair of pointe shoes. I'm 34 years old and living my dream, that's all that matters.

We treated my dad to a birthday supper at La Senzala. He is obssesed with Brazil or should I say, Brazilian women. My poor mom :( lol Anyway, we are unable to bring him to brazil therefore a Brazilian restaurant will suffice. The food was great and the entertainment (dancers & live band) were a joy to watch and listen to. As you can see in the pic, my dad loved it!



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10 Responses to “my week in photos”

Ann On and On... said...

My husband is sitting next to me and loved the, hockey and cake= goodness. I love that you are living your dream...the toe shoes look fabulous on you!

Eda. said...

Oooo those pizzas look delicious, my stomach is rumbling so much right now

Eda ♥

Lisa in the States said...

Hey Lena,
It's Andrew's cousin Lisa in the states. I wanted you to know I follow your blog and LOVE it. You are so cute. Some apps I love and use are Netflix, Shazam and MailStop. You can watch movies and shows on your tv, computer, iPhone and iPad with Netflix. Shazam lets you push a button and hold up the phone while you're listening to music and it will tell you what song it is and get you the lyrics. And MailStop lets you take a picture of a mail label to a catalog you no longer want to receive or junk mail and it will send an opt out request for you. You get 5 free opt outs and then you have to pay. Congrats on the new baby! Send your family my love!!!!!

Lena Antonacci said...

@ Lisa in the States: Hey how are you?? I can't believe you read my blog...that's so cool!
The apps sound awesome, thanks for the tip. I will download them for sure :)
Big kisses to the girls for me.

Lena xoxo

xo..imty said...

Hi I love your blog, and would love to follow you on Instagram! What is your IG name?

Lena Antonacci said...

@ xo..imty: Oh wow, thank you! I think my instagram name is lantonacci.

Lena xoxo

Laura said...

How long did you train before you could go to pointe?

Lena Antonacci said...

@ Laura: I did ballet when I was younger however I took it up again as of this summer. I now attend classical ballet classes on Monday's and private pointe classes on Saturday's.
Any pointers?

Lena xoxo

Laura said...

It's always been my dream to dance on pointe. I danced when I was younger, but didn't stick to it long enough. I figured I missed out on that dream, but seeing you take it up later in life inspires me!

Lena Antonacci said...

@ Laura: You're never too old to follow your dreams!!! Always remember that. I think if my husband would've let me, I would've slept in my pointe shoes the day i got You should definitely take adult pointe classes. You'll love it :)

Lena xoxo

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