in the spirit


Seeing as it's supposed to be the most frightening time of the year, I decided to share my top scariest movies of all time (in no particular order, however Silence of the Lambs is my favourite movie ever).
Share with me your picks of movies that have you sitting at the edge of your seat or under your covers. I'm always up for a night of nail biting.

Top row, left to right:
The Amityville Horror (remake) - Memorable Quote: Mrs. Lutz, get you and your children out of that house. Right now!
The Exorcist - Memorable Quote: The Power of Christ compels you!
Silence of the Lambs - Memorable Quote: Good evening, Clarice.

Middle row, left to right:
Cujo - Memorable Quote: Fuck you, dog.
Halloween - Memorable Quote: He came home!
The Shining - Memorable Quote: Redrum. Redrum. Redrum.

Bottom row, left to right:
The Ring - Memorable Quote: Seven days...
Se7en - Memorable Quote: David. If you kill him, he will win.
The Blair Witch Project - Memorable Quote: I'm afraid to close my eyes, I'm afraid to open them.


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4 Responses to “in the spirit”

Tali said...

Scary post) I see my 2 favorites as well - The Ring and The Blair Witch Project - they both are best of horror movies I've seen! Not that I've seen much.. Most others you mention I only heard of, but don't think I'd ever dare to watch them!


happy Halloween

Liv said...

I also love A Nightmare on Elm Street, Poltergeist, anything Evil Dead and Suspiria. But I think I'll keep it classic tonight and re-watch Halloween.
You look stunning in the post below, by the way.
Happy Halloween!

Nicole said...

My favorite of all time is the re- make of The Amityville Horror, but right now I'm more into TV shows like Ghost Adventures and A haunting, they're the best!
Have a nice Happy Halloween!

The Owl Girl

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