if i had money...


I'd be wearing this today. Aren't those polka dot pants just the funnest piece of clothing? And gotta love burgundy/cranberry shoes for Fall.

if i had money...

Polka dot ankle grazer trousers - Topshop
Suede heels - Diane Von Furstenberg
Leopard print clutch - Rebecca Minkoff
Assorted bracelets - Chan Luu
L201 Ellis Red Milky Lips - Ellis Faas


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6 Responses to “if i had money...”

www.glamour-blog.com said...

Great winter basics! Would love the have the heels and pants!

Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

Love the pants and the heels!


fashion kats said...

Lovely post! Love the pants and the blouse!


Alexa said...

Absolutely love the color combos! Those are the perfect polka dot pants. Mature color with a fun print.


Lina said...

I own these in pink:


and I've only worn them a handful of times so far but I am absolutely in love with them. They make you feel so sexy and I got a ton of compliments (pretty much anyone that looked at my feet). I wear it with a pretty simple outfit so it's funny to see people's faces once they land on the shoes. GET GLITTER SHOES!

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