feeling guilty


I just made a boo-boo. I was craving a Big Mac and without hesitation, I ate one :(  Not only was I feeling guilty the entire time during and after consumption, I then come across this picture on the net...

Well doesn't this just make me feel fantastic. Extra jump squats and lunges for me tomorrow.


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5 Responses to “feeling guilty”

Sheree said...

Holy a..!

marianna said...

don't you know?????????? if you feel guilty while eating the food becomes more fattening!!!! so eat free of guilts girl!!!!

babylovesfashion said...

lol well one is like no one :)))
it goes away fest!
pic is soooo god!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I know how it feels! Haha. Bummer!
But let me say, you look beautiful. Those extra jump squats will help you too feel so as well :)


Catherine said...

Omg, what a great body! I won't eat a cookie from tomorrow :))


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