Have any of you heard of Shoeternity? It's a fashion website by Bakers Shoes, where women upload their outfit Chictopia, Lookbook, etc. What makes Shoeternity that much better is that if your outfit wins best look of the week by having the most votes, you win a free pair of Bakers shoes. How awesome is that!! You know what's more awesome...I WON last week!!!
I have perused the website over, and over, and over....there are so many styles I like. So would you guys mind taking a look at the Bakers Shoes site and let me know what I should pick? It has to be a Bakers brand.
Here are a few I've had my eye on.

Mona 2 in blue

Squared in black

Garcia in black (i love the back lacing detail)

Jacquie in burgundy


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7 Responses to “shoes!!!”

Closet Fashionista said...

Those last ones are my favorites! :D

Kristy said...

yay congrats! that's super awesome! can't say no to free shoes... EVER ;)

I like the first one or the knee-high boot (obviously you can tell that I'm obsessed with wedge heel and suede!) :D

Lisa Crumpets said...

I would totally go for the second pair, the square toed boot. You should post a pic of your winning outfit!

Bec said...


The Fashion Cloud said...

i won once with them too, they are amazing and very friendly
I have had my eye on the Mona for quite some time now :) love them


Emma said...

I vote for Mona!!!!
Can't wait to see you wear them in an outfit post! :)

fashion shoes said...

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