liven it up with colour


I read this post today on my good friend Nancy's blog Dream it...Build it...Style it! Her blog shows us all her and her husbands trials and tribulations from completely renovating and redesigning their home. She gives great tips and ideas as this one below that I am totally in love with. I have no imagination when it comes to interior design as you would tell if you stepped one foot into my bare walled abode.
Nancy gave me this great tip on how to liven up your cabinets, book shelves, etc. Wallpaper lining or painting it. Genius!! Why didn't I ever think of this before. Martha Stewart I am not.
I have now started to think of what wallpaper or paint colour I should use for the interior of my dark brown rustic bookshelf/cabinet in my living room.

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One Response to “liven it up with colour”

Nancy @ dream it ... build it! said...

Well thank you Madame! I'm happy I've inspired you to make a mess in your home- I'm always making a mess in my home. But once I clean up (every few weeks or so) it usually looks great.
Here is my tip- before you actually wallpaper the shelves or paint them, try Omer des Serre for some decorative paper and then just stick it to the back of the shelf. If you like to change things up a lot or if you're unsure this is always a good option. I bought some great paper to use in my hutch but it didn't look as good as I thought- oops!

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