if i had money...


this is what I'd be wearing today.
I was supposed to be in New York this past weekend partying it up with my sister and her friends for her bachelorette but of course...my weak immune system never ceases to fail me. I was sick like a dog and couldn't even get off of my couch. Yup, those loafers that I wanted...didn't happen :(
On-line shopping to the rescue. Let's hope I find them.

if i had money...

Skinny high waisted jeans - Acne
Converse sneaker
Large leather hobo - Forzieri
Twin bracelet - Alexander McQueen
Nail Varnish - H&M


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6 Responses to “if i had money...”

www.glamour-blog.com said...

The sweater is perfect!!!

L said...

Aww...get well soon!


The Fashion Cloud said...

nice outfit!
love the jumper



Claire M. said...

Nice jeans! love it ;)

Pearl. said...

it's very good ! I love it !

Look at my blog :) i'm french


Lauraf said...

oh non!!!! : ( such a shame you couldn't go!!


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