Ok, so you now know that I'm fed up with my hair. Here are some options of hair colours I was looking at.

1. Alessandra Ambrosio
2. Fashionvibe
3. Camilla Belle
4. Monica Cruz
5. Rachel Bilson

In the past, I've always tried to go darker but for some reason found that it made me look old so I quickly added some highlights. I never gave the dark a chance. It enhanced the dark circles under my eyes in my opinion.
Do you guys think that any of these colours will suit me or should I just stick to what I have?
As for cut, not sure yet. You could screen a movie on my forehead so bangs would be best. And maybe just a few inches off. God, I'm such a chicken!


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15 Responses to “options”

Lyndzie said...

I really like option 4 & 5 with 5 being my favourite - I think the darker colour would suit you well!

Tereza Anton said...

Love no.1! A lot!

babylovesfashion said...

trz Camila or Monicas zou can do wathever zou want with those!


Fashion By He said...

option 1, love the wavy look for summer

-He approves

Fashion by He

Sheree said...

I love Monica Cruz...#4 ...I think I'll take that pic to my hairdresser :)

Aurelia said...

Monica Cruz all the way! printing her pic for my hairdresser :)

Kristy said...

NUMBER TWO! :D Love the slightly orange tone to it. And I think you can pull off the center-part hairstyle. Me? HELL NO! :(

Whatever you decide, I'm sure you'll look fab :)


andeh said...

well maybe my monitor doesn't recognize colors the way it should, but I kinda see 1=4 and 3=5... I don't like 3 AT ALL, and 4 has too many highlights, so if I were you, I would choose 3 or 5 :D

oh, and don't be scared to color your hair, it's not like you're cutting it off, or something, you can always go back if you don't like the result :)

andeh said...

also, I think you look much better without bangs :)

Gigi said...

I would say number 1 and 4 would look great on you!


Abby said...

I think you should go with number two's color and number three's bangs. If you go brown, I think it should be a warm brown. Bangs are great - you ALWAYS look like your hair is "done," even when you just have it in a pony tail.
You'll look beautiful no matter what! :)

Samiat said...

go with option #1

Claire M. said...

She's gorgeous ;)

burgundy is coquette said...

love #2 Fashion Vibe!!! :)

and love your blog! hope your toe heals quickly so you can start to put on new posts of your outfits! ;)

take care,


Anonymous said...

I like camilla belle, and I think with those bangs you kind of compensate for the dark color :)
I vote camilla! mika

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