kum bah ya


I'm not sure why, maybe it's the cool summer night and the starry sky, but I'm suddenly in the mood to go camping. Roasting marshmallows, making s'mores, sitting by the campfire telling ghost stories, cozying up with your honey in 1 sleeping bag listening to the crackling fire. ahhhh, so tranquil. Gotta plan one with my friends for the summer.

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7 Responses to “kum bah ya”

sharonlei said...

Mmmm smores! I'm not really an outdoorsey type of gal, so camping is out of the question for me. lol. I tried it once... but my friends rented me a port-a-potty. LOL. I'm such a dweeb. hahaha.


xx Love & Aloha

Eda ♥ said...

Great photographs darling, I've never been camping but just the idea of toasting marshmallows makes me want to!!

Eda ♥

Anonymous said...

mhhh swooning! i want to try that smores so badly...are they really so good? :D

Anh said...

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Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh camping!! I'm going in August :)

pleasantly-casual said...

Ive thought about doing the camping thing myself but that quickly fades once I think about being outside. if you get a chance check out my blog let me know what you think its pleasantly-casual.blogspot.com

Claire M. said...

Great photos! You really had fun during the camping.

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