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I will shortly have a new collaboration with the company 'DongKwang International' who are one of the top 5 apparel company in Korea, and they carry 5 feminine brands which are 'Soup', 'Sweet Soup', 'Visit in New York', 'ADHOC', and 'Decadence'.
I was given a choice to choose 5 items out of the list below and out of the 5, I will receive one which I have to create an outfit with.

Out of the 5 I have chosen, #25 is what I will be receiving.  Some say, "it's just a plain boring white t-shirt big whoop".  Others say, "a plain tee goes a long way".
Let me know how you would style this t-shirt. I will try to recreate the outfit I find the most interesting and will mention the chosen person/stylist in my post with a link back to your blog if you have one.
Remember that show 'Queen for a day', well this is 'Stylist for a day'
Have fun dressing me up!


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2 Responses to “new collaboration”

Sheree said...

Well the tee looks a little edgy, I think there is a zipper on there? I would continue with the edginess. Rough cut jeans, preferably black with some black heels. Silver accents, like a silver chain necklace and an edgy black belt. Shirt tucked in just in the center with the sides hanging out. Hair puller back low or wear it down with some color black shades!That's how I would rock it. Have fun!

v a n i l l a said...

Well you have 2 options: the rock-chic and the girly style.
So, for the rock-chic you could put together the white tee with some jeggings or jeans (acid maybe), some chucks (the clasic black ones) and a leather jacket or vest. You can try a smokey eyes make up and messy hair to complete the look.
The girly option: definitely neon colors! Like bright pink, green, ocean blue or orange. You can add a floral skirt and some bright flats. Also you can choose a messy bun or waves for the hair.
You should definitely show us the result!

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