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Ok, I know that last year I've posted about these boots as you can see here. So I apologize for bringing it up again but...I STILL DON'T OWN A PAIR!!! I want these boots so bad. They're the perfect colour, height, and they go with everything. Everyone has a pair but me....waaaaaaa!!!!!! (Yes, I just cried like Snooki from Jersey Shore.)

The originals. Isabel Marant "Forbes". HOT!!!! As seen on celebrities such as Kate Bosworth (above), Kate Hudson, Emma Roberts, Rosie Huntington, etc.

Topshop's version "Antique" as seen on Rumi from Fashiontoast. I feel these are the next best thing but I unfortunately cannot find them anywhere as they are out of stock.

Sam Edelman "Louie". Not crazy about the fringe and the top fold over cuff.

Jeffrey Campbell "Mendoza". I love how the top of the boot dips in front like the Marant's but I'm not crazy about the heel. I prefer the cowboy look as per the originals. 
Ash "Jalouse". Love the tabs at the top, the heel is just how I like it. It has the cowboy feel, but...they're not suede. 

These details count you know or else it's just not the same.

I have these old pair of boots from Aldo which are surprisingly enough still in tact.
I've come to the point of bringing them to a shoemaker to have them cut the top down to an ankle boot. But am I ready to destroy a perfectly good pair of boots? What if these come back in style, then what?

Somebody help me get my hands on a pair of gorgeous Isabel Marant Forbes boots or a pair very similar. 


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4 Responses to “isabel marant forbes”

Christie said...

Still border on a little too cowboy-esque for my style -- but Bosworth totally rocks them!

In Fashion and Style

Kat Tanita said...

obsessed w the jeffrey campbell ones, thanks for sharing theres! ive been dying to get a pair but didnt know where to look. im your newest follower, hope ull follow me back!


Alana said...

Spotted! Similar boots, but a little pricey

Catherine said...

maybe this pair ?

hope it will help you xxx

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