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I have finally completed a project that's been pending since God know's how long. It took 1 day and it looks better than I imagined. I apologize however, I was so eager to begin and finish that I completely forgot to take before pics. Bad blogger Lena, bad bad blogger :(

I began with an old wood frame that my parents had at there place. Thank God they never throw anything away. This frame was originally gold and blue, I promise you. (Look at that I even rhyme.)
I loved the gold touches of the frame therefore I did not want to sand it down. Instead, I just spray painted it with a few coats (actually I finished the entire can) using Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Paint in colour Gloss Black that I purchased at Walmart. The original gold colour of the frame still peeked through which was the look I was going for.
I then stuck on Wallies Big Chalkboard (a stick-on chalkboard paper) onto a thick cardboard in the dimensions of the frame.
Put the two voila! A framed chalkboard in my kitchen where we write the menu of the week, items we need to buy, etc. As you can see, Andrew's away on business again and I now have written a countdown of his return :)

 I absolutely love the intricate Victorian detailing on the frame.


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6 Responses to “framed chalk”

xoxo Kellz* said...


xoxo valerie xoxo said...

looks great!

Mitzi said...

I need to make one of those! My boyfriend just left on a three-week trip :/
That frame is absolutely gorgeous, I love how you painted it!
M xo

B said...

very cool!

Liv said...

This is exactly what I wanted to do in the kitchen instead of painting part of the wall with chalkboard paint. So happy to know that sticker + cardboard + frame worked so perfectly. Thanks!
And happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

That frame is GORGEOUS!


Chanel Nicole

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