fish pedicure


Has anyone ever heard of a fish pedicure? I hadn't until this past Sunday. Leave it up to my friend Colleen to introduce fun & interesting ideas into my life :)
Fish pedicure: a procedure where you dunk your feet in a tub of water filled with fish and have the fish nibble away at the dead skin on your feet. Gross I know! But...I had to try it. To be honest with you, it's cool to say that I did it but it's not something I would do again. Only due to the fact that my feet felt the same before and after the treatment. This little lady will stick to regular pedicures from now on.

Tub filled with fish ready to munch on our feet at Spa Dahlia.

My crazy friend Colleen. Ready or they come!
It's hard to see because of the bubbles and the fact that the fish camouflage with the rocks but if you look closely you can see the fish chewing away at Colleen's foot.

The fish are full and we've now moved to the regular pedicure stations. Laura & Colleen getting pampered.

Clipping, filing, scrubbing...

Et voila!!! Beautiful soft feet ready to make their appearance. Colour: OPI - Guy meets Gal-veston from the 2011 Texas Collection.



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3 Responses to “fish pedicure”

Kristy said...

The fish pedicure is soooo popular in Asia and I regret not trying it while I was vacationing last December (much cheaper there than here, I'm sure!) I hear it tickles. Was it ticklish? :)

Regardless, I love the pedicure result, that color is so nice and it suits your skin tone :) I really want to go and get a pedicure but I have a purple toenail situation (dropped a bookcase on my toe) and I don't want the pedicurist to see it :p

Marie a la Mode said...

Oh Lena this is my worst nightmare! I am scared of fish. I'm afraid of anything that lives or swims in a body of water so I would never do this! But your feet look fab!

Jess ♡ said...

I tried this before when I went to Taiwan! It was so fun, and extremely ticklish.. :p How was it for you?

I lovelovelove your colour, I definitely need to get my hands on that! <3

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