the chronicles of beauty


Yesterday was the opening of my brother-in-law Adam's art show "The Chronicles of Beauty". SUCCESS!!!
The turn out was great & his work looked spectacular. I am extremely floored by his talent and am incredibly proud of him. I see nothing but bright things in his future & this is only the beginning.

My cousin Matthew acting like his silly old self just picking up some chicks :)

My cousin Melissa.

And the man of the hour...the ever so talented Adam!

For anyone who lives in Montreal, the show is taking place at 5145 boul. St.Laurent and for those who cannot make his show but is interested in purchasing any of his pieces, his store will be up soon on his site here.


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3 Responses to “the chronicles of beauty”

ItsMeRoxy said...

Wow..I love his work!
lovely post honey

Bea said...

Its all amazing, really! he´s stupidly tallented!
And I loved your booties, where are they from?

Mitzi said...

So interesting! Congratulations to your brother-in-law!
M xo

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