making the best of it


I decided to make the best of Andrew's business trips by asking him to buy me clothing at stores that we do not have here in Montreal.
This trip, I surprisingly enough only asked him for 2 items.

(Sometimes there are shoes that Aldo UK carries that we in Canada unfortunately do not.)

Now I also saw the following pieces on the Topshop website but I figured, instead of spending money on these why not visit my local thrift shop and just find items to DIY to make them look like these. 

How hard could it be to find similar items and then just cut off the sleeves? (knock on wood...don't want to jinx myself)
So this Saturday, I am off thrift shopping. And my other task while he's away to pass the time, other than  being a good mommy of course, is going to buy different fabrics and making myself some maxi skirts. One pattern and a few different fun fabrics. Leopard print or any animal print for that matter, tie dye, sheer, bold colours, etc. 
Let's see what I can manage to get done before his arrival next Thursday.

P.S. An update on Liam's pediatrician appointment yesterday. After receiving 4 vaccinations, the trooper  cried for less than a minute and then he was fine :) He weighs in at 14.3lbs putting him in the 95th percentile and his height is in the 85th percentile. He's got great muscle tone and looks fantastic. In conclusion, I was told by the doctor that mommy and daddy are doing a great job! 
That's such awesome, relieving news to hear :)


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4 Responses to “making the best of it”

Anh said...

I've always wanted to ask you which is your favorite thrift shop cause I'm thinking I need to check it out.


Leah said...

Good call on the pieces you chose. Glad to hear your little guy is doing well.

xo L.

Anonymous said...

I guess spring is time for DIYs..I just finished my diy post.

*Mariana S. said...

Heeeelp!! I´m in desperate need of a DIY for a maxi skirt...just bought some fabric yesterday but I´m truly would be rad if you posted yours!! thanx!! so glad your little one is doing fine :)

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