happy birthday mom


Not only was today the first day of Spring but it was also my mom's birthday. We celebrated by having brunch at a new restaurant we haven't tried before. Yum! I had a victorian crepe filled with fresh fruits, custard, nutella, and whipped cream. A few hours later and I'm still full! Too busy taking pictures of my little man that I gulped down my breakfast without taking any photos of it. But my meatball is more important than a crepe :)

Future in modelling perhaps? lol

These are the first shoes we ever bought him. Beige chinos, plaid shirt, and these booties...my man is stylin!

My mother, my sister and my meatball. I always wanted a child that wasn't a finicky eater...God answered my prayers. Check out those chins...lol

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! Hope you had a great day!


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5 Responses to “happy birthday mom”

Dominique said...

Beautiful family, Liam is such a chubby lumpkins now, soo cute!!

Estefania Lovelifefashion said...

Happy Birthday Lena´s mom!!!!!
Liam is so cute! kisses!

camille said...

omg liam is such the little model!

Kristy said...

hahahahah he's such a beefcake! Look at his baby fat! SO CUTE I just want to bite his cheek and chin :D

Your sister looks a lot like you :D


City Chic Chica said...

OMG too cute!

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