tell me, what are you doing?


It's 12:30am...Liam is sleeping, Duke is sleeping, the TV is currently on Full House reruns, and I'm just waiting for Andrew to get home from a late night night hockey game so we can cuddle together on the couch in our fur blankets.
What are you or were you doing at 12:30am?


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7 Responses to “tell me, what are you doing?”

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Watching the previous season of the Bachelor! :D

Aliya said...


Hooo long time I didn't come but I can see that you and your familly is doing well!
You look just beautifull and I am sure you will get in shape like before, do not worry! My doctor told me once, your body is working during 9 months for the baby and you will need 9 months to get back as you were!!! (sorry for my english)

Have a nice day!

The doll on fashion said...

I'd love to be snuggled up on the sofa right now but work always gets in the way!

The doll on fashion

Francesca said...

aww i love cuddles :) hope his game went well! xx

Kristy said...

Q-time with Andrew is definitely well deserved! I hope you had an amazing time with him. What did I do at 12:30am? Hmmm.. I think I watched a movie online all by myself :)

Marie a la Mode said...

I was sound asleep : ) Your fur blanket looks comfy and warm!

Anonymous said...

Don't know what I was doing then..but I'm going to cuddle with my man just after I finish this comment.
Love your blog. I've just started if you want to check it out go to:

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