not what u think


Sorry for my absence. I'm sure you guys think that I've had the dice. I'm still very pregnant and very sick with a flu. My third flu this entire pregnancy. I will have no strentgh to push if he decides to show up now. Perfect timing right...story of my life!


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Dominique said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Dawn said...

Hope you get well just in time, then. Maybe he wants to be the first baby in the new year? Or it's just too cosy inside?
Good luck!

Aliya said...

Ohhh I thought yes!!!
I've got a flu too since the beginning of this week and it is so difficult.
No more strenght!!!

Happy new year
Hope you are going to be better!

Estefania Lovelifefashion said...

Hope you get well soon, honey. I'm sending you all my good spirits and tons of strengh.
kisses :)

Assel said...

Wish you all the best in the New Year and get well!!!

Romance Is Boring said...

Hope you feel better soon x

Marie said...

Hope you'll feel better soon. xoxoxo

Meda said...

Hi, I just gave you a Stylish Blogger Award. Please visit my blog to accept it
Happy New Year!!

Meda from

Angela said...

hope you feel better... i wish to you and all your family a wonderful 2011!

a big kiss

andeh said...

hello :) I wish you, your husband and your newborn child a happy new year, and I hope you all are healthy :D
I'm sure the little man has come by now, so I hope he's ok and we get to hear from you soon ♥

A.Co said...

I def thought you had him - frigggg Lena, sorry to hear you're so sick :( :(

Sending you good vibes hoping you get better so you can have that baby!! :P

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984


Hopefully you feel better and the beautiful baby comes soon! Happy New Year!

xo, colby
electric fringe

Aliya said...

I guess we can say "congratulation" for the new born!
I hope everything went well!
I think you are tired so get some rests and enjoy!

Hope to see you soon with good news!

Emy said...

Oh Lena I hope you feel better soon. I got sick right before Christmas and I already felt horrible, can't imagine having to struggle with a baby as well. Feel better and let's hope you'll feel a 100% when the baby comes! :) Hope you had a great NYE and holidays!

Tracey B. said...

Allora??? Any baby news?

Love the Christmas card. I send that precious dog face many kisses!

minkandcappuccino said...

happy 2011!

please review my revitalash post and ask me questions at:

Beenie said...

Nice blog ;)

Trend Steps said...

i have a flu atm too :/ it sucks. get well soon though!

Veronica Ho said...

I'm sure I can speak for everyone here... we can't wait to meet the little guy! Hang in there girl, it will all be worthy :) xo

Anonymous said...

Oh,I am sorry so much.I only want that you know that you have our support and our fondness, on behalf of all the followers of this blog. For many months I am waiting impatiently to see the new sweet little face who that for the first time It will see this world , a world that together with his beautiful mother insurance that will as a dream.
Get well!

Mademoiselle Ladybug

Aliya said...

Dear Lena,

You must be tired but so happy with your little nugget!
I am looking forward of reading your story and to see the baby!
Hope those little message give you a little of support.

Take care, get some rest!


Julie said...

Wish you all the best this New Year and I hope you'll write some more cool articles when you'll feel better.

Anjaaize said...

I cant't wait to see you and baby! I hope everything it's ok! I'm expecting baby boy on Feb 15, and I'm so glad that I found your blog!

Kiss from Poland :)

Anjaaize said...

*can't, sorry, I'm still learning;)

Affair with my Closet said...

Hello Lena! Happy 2011! Congratulations on the birth of his son, he is gorgeous! I know very well what you are feeling because I have three sons, and wonderful for me to pursue motherhood! I'm feeling nostalgic for you and your beautiful works, but I understand that by this divine reason, you will be absent. I follow his work, and I love your photos!! Good luck in your new project. I'll be here from time to time visiting you, I am his follower. I'm Brazilian, a fashion blog too, will be a great pleasure to welcome your visit and great to see it as my follower! God bless your family and your baby will be forever protected and full of health! Great Kiss ^.^ Flávia

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