so delicious


I'm off to a supper at a friend's country place so I might not be able to post until tomorrow. Therefore I leave you with this scrumptious recipe of a pie I made for the supper.
Chocolate pudding delight. There's not even a recipe needed that's how easy it is. All you need is a graham cracker pie crust, chocolate pudding, and strawberries. Make the chocolate pudding and pour it into the pie crust. Add your strawberries over the pudding. Voila! Doesn't get any easier and tastier than this :)


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6 Responses to “so delicious”

lamia said...

my god looks delicious lena!!!
I'm starving right now!!!

Julia said...

wAO! it looks amazing!

Brooke said...

I'm trying to give up the chocolate, you're not helping!!!


Estefania Lovelifefashion said...

yummy!!!! It looks great!

libys11 said...

oohhh yummmeehhh! :)

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Anh said...

Lena, go check out Rihanna's video "What's my name". Not so Beetlejuice anymore!

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