happy birthday !!!!


To show you my appreciation, I figured a giveaway would be the way to go. I wish I can give a pair out to everyone but unfortunately...I am not Oprah. So one prize for one lucky reader. A gorgeous pair of Swarovski hoop earrings.

The rules:
1. Be a fan of Quality Rivets either through Bloglovin or Google. After all, this giveaway is for my fans.
2. Leave me one comment letting me know what your favourite post has been this past year. As well as your e-mail address.

Contest is open to everyone.
Winner will be chosen at random.
End date: Friday Nov. 19  Contest has ended. Thank you to all who participated.


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33 Responses to “happy birthday !!!!”

libys11 said...

congratulations!!!!! :D i may not win this, but im just so so happy for you!!! my fave post would be the time when you said you were going to be a mom!!! :D that was just precious!!


Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Congrats and happy bday!! Can my favorite be food even though I love your style too? It was the nutella cookies, I love those :)

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! Im a huge fan of your blog...my favorite post was when you got your Chanel bag such a great piece to add to any wardrobe.

my email is ninaebello@yahoo.com


tessamen said...
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tessamen said...


baby leopard was my favorite post by far, the tank, baby bump and shoes just made for some awesome pictures :). you are so adorable and i check your blog at least 3 times a day, even at school ( i know...i should be paying attention to my english teacher but it's mind numbing) and i just love your style. you inspire my outfits with your effortless looks! i'm so excited to see your baby and i hope all is going well :)

p.s. I LOVE THOSE WEDGES...to die for


MARY said...

Cuando dijiste que ibas a ser mama, un besazo.

Soy Mary.


Kota Behemota said...

happy b-day Lena, have a great one!!!


Eva said...

Happy bday!!!
My favourite post was "The Duke". I loved this post because you're gorgeous and I love your dog, it's so cute.



aliya said...

Thank you.

Well it's quite hard to say which post is the best.

But I will say this one: http://qualityrivets.blogspot.com/2010/10/question.html
the one when you answered to my question! Because internet it's so impersonal and it was good to have some interactivity!
We can see that you care about your readers!

Christina said...

congrats! hmm favourite post(s) were the ones about your baby bump and the growth.

email: princessclx@yahoo.com

mfashion said...

Congratulations, Wszystkiego najlepszego, Quality Rivets! xx
My fave post would be "mustard" cause U had great shoes and trousers, I really love big and warm sweaters and your hat was "different".
Mam nadzieję, że wygram ;)


Thakns! xxxx

Glamour Bbey. said...

Congrats sweety!!

I can't choose so everything is good!

Samiat said...

congrats! i look at your blog daily and i love it all!! :)
my fave post this year was the bohso zone


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day:) My fav was I´m all out of blood...ok sounds weird but I so felt what you were going through. I´m a mom and man did that orange drink taste funny, but I sure was starving too:))


buzzibuu said...

happy blogday! :)
my few favorites were: muse- Jul 22, prize- Aug 4, scholastic- Mar 19, but absolutely favorite is Debut Oct 17, when you showed us your own creation- dress. it just simply amazing, LOVED IT!!!


Kristy said...

Hahahahaha I just made a video for my blog's anniversary as well! Great minds think alike, huh? :D

Happy Anniversary, Quality Rivets! Keep up the good work and I'll always be your faithful reader :)

My favorite posts are the ones with Duke, especially The Duke: http://qualityrivets.blogspot.com/2010/05/duke.html

Email: kpetra19(at)gmail(dot)com

Gosh, I wrote a lot :p


Marie a la Mode said...

Those earrings are beautiful! My favorite post this year was the one with your Cougar boots, it was very recent and you were in a forest ; ) It showed me you can look cool during the Winter in Canada : )

gracie said...

I'm a new follower, but obsessed with your fashion. The way you create a look while still being pregnant is such an inspiration!


xo grace


Faith said...

happy birthday!!!! i love your blog because of its versatility from outfit posts to food posts and even jokes! my fav. post would have to be the one where you debuted the dress you made for a wedding, it was classy and adorable!


lamia said...

Happy bday sweety!!! my favorite post was when you annouced u are pregnant!!!!


Arianna said...

Hi lena! I love so much your blog and everytime I read it I wonder how your life will be in a couple of months when you'll be a mother!

About the post, I adore the pics of your husband drawing you and your dog, but also all your wonderful outfits. Best wishes for the baby <3

aryary91 (at) hotmail (dot) it

nayrzil said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!! these earrings are beautiful...my favorite post is the one with your belly and duke kissing it, SO SWEET!!!!


lopez80 said...

Yourlap is really beautiful. Congratulation!
However, my favourite post is this

And my e-mail is: lopez80@hotmail.it

Thank you! =)

Anh said...

Happy 1st bday QR!
My favourite blog is easy, when you wore the cocktail maternity dress you designed at the wedding. All I could think was OMG! (Love that song too :)


Anonymous said...

congrats!!! My favorite posts are two
1) http://qualityrivets.blogspot.com/2009/11/bond.html
2) http://qualityrivets.blogspot.com/2010/05/duke.html
I got so touched by the second post with Duke because I have also the cutest dog ever for the past 13 years and I love him sooo much!!! Plus u look gorgeous in that post!

Lots of love from greece

Isabel said...

im a follower :) this is a fantastic prize!


Anna said...

Following on bloglovin. My favourite posts were the one when you showed how you have your hair done (it inspired me to change my hair!) and the recipe for nutella&peanut butter cookies :)

A.Co said...


My fave post was... well, I do enjoy them all, and check back daily, butttt, I really loved the post where you and your girlfriends went to that Italian restaurant (pizza?) in MTL in the spring. Your outfit was all Ardene (well, except the shoes) and looked sooo good. I still remember the billowy sweater with the buttons up the back and the skinny rolled-cuffed jeans. Awesome.

I follow via Google.

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

PS - that's AWESOME news about the diabetes/testing results! PHEW!!

İlkim YILDIZ said...

my fave post of yours is (drum rolls please!!! :) )

I was actually one of those admirers of your hair and I wrote a comment asking about how you coloured your hair. after a week or so, I saw this post of yours http://qualityrivets.blogspot.com/2010/04/hair.html and I felt so speacial.most bloggers do not get back to the readers questions that quickly.. but you did!! :)) do I even have to mention that we have more or less the same hair colour now? :))


sonal said...

Hi Lena! I think my favorite post would be a toss between letting your followers know you and Andrew were expecting AND when you debuted the dress you made (I believe Oct. 17th)...but if had to choose one, I'd choose the dress because it showed you happy and glowing during your pregnancy!

Ana Rita Tavares said...

Wild kingdom is my favourite post of you!! You look great on the photos :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! My favorite post was when you told us that you were having a baby boy instead of a girl like you expected!


Ashley said...

It's hard to pick just one!

I loved the post titled "debut" because you created such a beautiful dress.


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