what a scare


BEWARE....long post!

Yesterday I had an appointment to meet with my OBGYN...I now see her every 2 weeks. I am healthy and baby is healthy. So far so good! But...
During the appointment she asks me if I thought the baby had moved from the breech position. I told her that I didn't think so. She checked and lo and behold, the baby is now head down. He moved and I felt nothing. Are you supposed to feel it?
Anyway, she then asks me to remove my bottoms. Here comes the panic...my cervix seems thin. The first thought that crossed my mind was, omg I'm giving birth to this baby today!!! But no, that's just an inexperienced hysterical first-time-mom thinking. My doctor then asks me if I had any contractions. If I did, I felt nothing. More panic! She then asks me to get dressed and sit back in the waiting room. After about a 5 minute torturous wait which seemed like a lifetime, she calls me in her office. She tells me that I need to go to the hospital ASAP to get an emergency ultrasound. I'M NOW FREAKING OUT!!!! I sat in the car, took a few deep breathes and composed myself. I safely drove myself to the hospital.
During the ultrasound, the doctor is telling me that everything seems normal and it is in fact a baby boy...and a proud one at that as he was mooning us...lol Amniotic fluis is great and the baby still has a lot of room to grow. As I am getting dressed, the doctor is putting her calculations into the computer. She then asks me if my due date of December 26th is correct. I told her that the first day of my last period was March 21st which makes my due date December 26th. HMMM! is what came out of her mouth. WHAT??? is what came out of my mouth. She proceeds to tell me that my son currently weighs a whopping 4lbs 13ozs. 3ozs shy of 5lbs. I'm only 31 1/2 weeks. This either puts him in the 90th percentile or I will give birth 2 weeks earlier. I'm currently giving birth to Andre the Giant!!!
I then speak to my OBGYN who was given the results of my ultrasound and tells me that everything is going great and we're not dealing with a case of preterm labor. Good news! However, when a baby is big as my son is, it could mean that the mother is diabetic. When I had taken my last blood test for diabetes, I was insanely normal and not even close to a danger zone. She's 99% sure that this is not the case but she wants that 1% to be certain. Therefore next week I'm taking another blood test. In the meantime, I was told that everything is great so far and I can carryon with my lifestyle as normal.

In conclusion, my son could look like this:


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Kristy said...

Wow, what an experience! I can't imagine being you, hearing all what the doctors had to say about the baby. But I'm glad in the end that you and your baby are as healthy as ever (in his case, much healthier than expected!)

The Michelin baby is too adorable! But lets hope your son is not going to look like that ;)


Estefania Lovelifefashion said...

WOW!! WHat a hard day for you girl! I'm glad everything is ok. I'm sure your baby will be healthy and pretty because you are a good mom, you take care of yourself going to the gym and all of that so... don't worry everything will be fine.
The michelin baby is funny and adorable but I'm sure your son will be not like him LOL

Anonymous said...

Don't worry honey, I'm following your blog on a regular basis and I love, love, love it! I keep my fingers crossed for you and the "michelin" baby. ;)) no, just kidding. i'm sure everything will be fine!! xx

Jay said...

haha There's nothing wrong with a fat baby!! But I would totally be freaking out too! That's scary. But I am happy that everything is ok, and I hope you have a good experience after all! :)


helena said...


Marie a la Mode said...

What a roller coaster of emotions! I'm glad you and the baby are okay though.

My boyfriend's boss's wife had two kids over ten pounds and she's as tiny as you are! That's like pushing a bowling ball through a straw : O

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

My cousin looked like that but he thinned out eventually, haha!

A.Co said...

Holy crap, what a scare!!!! PHEW everything is okay and I'm sure your blood tests next week will go perfectly and everything will be 100% certain ;)

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Lidia said...

Good luck and keep being strong! Like your blog though and I'm happy I found it! Following you now!

lamia said...

You really made me laugh. today was bad day, I just have a n├ęgative pregnancy test, but you managed to make me laugh!!
don't worry everything is gonna be fine!!!
Really happy for you lena.

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