Keira Knightley


love, Love, LOVE this!!! I think she looks fabulous with her new haircut and the dress is stunning. Yup, still dying to cut my hair but I'm a big chicken shit.

picture courtesy of Holy Moly


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13 Responses to “Keira Knightley”

Tugba said...

She looks gorgeous on the pic :) normally im not a big fan her but i really like this pic.

G blog :)

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Agreed, her hair looks so damn good. You could always get extensions if you didn't like it but you have such gorgeous hair.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! ♥

Angela said...

love her new look!!!

a big kiss

Rosa said...

She looks amazing!!!!

Francesca said...

very cute pic

F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

Lainey said...

When I saw her, my heart stopped. I wish she was at all the fashion shows.

20 York Street said...

Its really hard to cut hair, right? I know it grows and it grows real fast but its always scary to cut it off!


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Rosa&Carlotta said...

I love her hairstyle!! :)

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Marie said...

Really cute..go for it!

gabrielle said...

me enacanta tus outfits!!! y el blog. te sigo!
sígue mi blog si te gusta claro!

sele said...

hola lena are you ok? you never spent that long without posting!!! hope you are ok & happy with your family !!! I check your posts day by day, I love them!!! I ve got your same age and I feel so like you, but I ve got my 2 year old little baby girl! I m from Punta del Este, the other side of the world, you should check come designers or argentinian brands, you are going to love them. Me and my husband had a second living plan wich was going to live in cánada at least for one or two years, we wanted to buy a house in the country side so, investigating canadian life style I found your fab blog!! but your weather is so extreme!!! but is a woooonderfull country you must be proud, a perfect society!!! but I also love it here!!!

libys11 said...

can i just say how much im loving those shoes!!! :D

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