google answers


Found this interesting to do.
Answer the following questions by posting the first image that comes up when you google image your answer.
1. Your age on your next birthday?

2. Your favorite color?

3. Your middle name?

(don't have one)

4. The last meal you ate?
(egg salad sandwich)

5. Your bad habit?
(biting cuticles)

6. Your favorite fruit/vegetable?

7. Your favorite animal?
(dog...but not a mr. universe dog like this one...geez check out those muscles)

8. The town you live in?

9. The most useful thing in your house?
(this is hilarious, seeing as my answer is

10. The name of your pet?

11. Your most recent purchase?

12. Something that makes you happy?

13. Your first name?


14. Your last name?

Go ahead try it!!


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5 Responses to “google answers”

Rosa said...

I love it!!!! Ill do it on my blog too ... so funny the one of your husband lol:)

Marie a la Mode said...

That dog is creepy-looking!

Jay said...

This is so cool! I'm going to do it too! Check it out @!

Thanks for the cool idea :)

Fashion & DIY said...

hahah very funny!!!

Lela - seaseight said...

So funny!
The image for your husband??? hilarious!! :D
Antonacci is an italian singer :)

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