Pictures not for the faint of heart. I'm a big fan of Terry Richardson's work but this...I'm not impressed. Gross! What's with raw meat all of a sudden...is it the latest trend? First Lady Gaga's meat outfit and now this.

Crystal Renn - Vogue Paris October 2010
pictures courtesy of supermodels.nl


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6 Responses to “festin”

Kristy said...

Urgh.. and I just had a deli meat sandwich for lunch :(

Thanks for posting them, though! They're interesting as they are GROSS! :p


Cee said...

I'm with you... this is just gross. I'm all for making a statement, but I don't think there is one here. It's just for shock value.

Makes me glad I'm a vegetarian!

Gunilla said...

I may say that I really like these photos! And it's for the first because it's a beautiful model and in other pics in this series she is smiling,- thats not a normal modelthing but a good thing, and I think the good or positive thing with the meat is that it is allright to eat and have curves like shes also have.
I hope you understand "my english" cause I'm not the best to english grammer;) Also hope that you're allright with my kind of comment;)

Marie a la Mode said...

Another reason to become a Vegetarian

; )


Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

gross...and I'm no vegetarian

Pink said...

that's outrageous!!!

check out my fashion blog at http://thetalesofselfindulgence.blogspot.com

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