pretty tough


Love all this lace. My fave, the lace white top with 2 front pockets. I can imagine how great it would look with everything. I know how to sew, I just wish I knew how to make patterns or at least know a pattern maker. I'd for sure be wearing this lace top by next week.
I'm also infatuated with gold buttons on blazers as you can see here. My next DIY is to find a fitted blazer and add tons of gold buttons on it, military style as per third picture below. Isn't it exciting when you have a project to do?'s also more exciting once and if ever it gets completed :)

Isabeli Fontana - Vogue US September 2010
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Melrose said...

I always trace items I already own and love on newspaper or something and then add my own design details. I'm sure you have a loose fitting top somewhere and can do the same :)

libys11 said...

gorgeous!! :D

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xoxo valerie xoxo said...


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